Often called the gateway to the magnificent wilderness region of the Kimberley, the tropical seaside town of Broome simply oozes charm and character. Yet it’s not just the spectacular setting, great accommodation, warm summer days and balmy nights that make Broome a ‘one of a kind’ holiday destination.

You will find that Broome has two distinct seasons, the ‘wet’ and the ‘dry’, each offering a vastly different Broome holiday experience.
Dry season – May to October
May is classed as the start of the Broome ‘dry season’ and traditionally the most popular time to visit. While the southern part of Australia chills down, in Broome the days are generally fine with temperatures in the vicinity of mid 20’s to low 30’s. Humidity levels in Broome are low and the skies are a deep blue that stretches out for miles, with hardly a cloud in the sky.The Broome nights are cool with overnight temperatures averaging approximately 12 degrees with temperatures rarely dropping below 5 degrees. The skies are clear and it is an excellent time in Broome for stargazing and camping.

Broome does not usually experience any significant rain at this time of the year, producing fine warm days and creating the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities away from your accommodation and providing the perfect Broome holiday experience.
Wet season – November to April
The ‘wet season’ in Broome is a great time, there are less crowds, the days can be hot and nights are balmy. Contrary to popular belief, the Broome rain does not fall constantly, but in heavy and generally short downpours with little (if any) rain before mid December. A typical Broome downpour might only last for half an hour or so and this usually occurs late in the afternoon and evenings.

The Broome build up creates the perfect environment for mind blowing lightning shows and spectacular sunsets with most of the annual rainfall received from January through to March. Birdlife and wildlife abound. This is a great time to sit back from the comfort of your accommodation and watch as Mother Nature reigns supreme and refreshes the Broome landscape.

Daytime temperatures in Broome during ‘the wet’ are in the mid 30’s with the overnight temperature averaging around the mid 20’s. Many Broome tours, hotels and accommodation open and operate year round although some attractions cannot be accessed due to closed roads and local flooding. A holiday to Broome is as with any holiday, it’s a matter of planning and getting advice from the local, trusted and independent experts. Broome’s tropical climate of hot, humid summers and warm winters has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s the perfect sunshine days of the ‘dry’ or the dazzling lightning shows of the ‘wet’, whatever the weather, relax, enjoy and let yourself go.

Please note that some resort activities are seasonal and may be subject to limited or not available. Highlights of a Wet Season stay include:

• turtle watching
• bush-walking just after a scattering of rain
• bird-watching (migratory birds from Asia abound)
• fishing for Barramundi
• relaxing by the infinity pool
• late afternoon beach walks with stunning Wet Season sunsets.