It is our mission to provide ‘tourism of the future’ by delivering the ultimate eco-friendly holiday getaway that you will remember forever.

What Do We Do?

At Eco Beach Resort, we provide eco-friendly accommodations that allow people to disconnect from the hectic pace of everyday life and connect with the enriching power of nature instead. With our combination of deeply relaxing resort activities and thrilling adventures, we offer a Broome experience unlike any other.

As pioneers of the sustainable tourism movement, we also aim to set an example of how to facilitate a holiday experience that operates with the preservation of the environment as a priority. Providing our guests with the ultimate holiday, while also taking care to protect our amazing natural surroundings, which we take great pride in!

Our Self-Sustainable Eco Resort

As an eco-resort, our duty is to provide our guests with the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of Broome and connect with nature, while ensuring we actively protect the environment
from harm.

From our hybrid solar power system to prioritising local supplies to our boardwalks to protect delicate local plant life, we enact eco-friendly measures to actively reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate noise pollution, honor the area’s ancestry, and protect and preserve our magical surroundings.

How Eco Beach Resort Was Born

After an inspirational fishing trip, where builder and entrepreneur Karl Plunkett fell in love with Broome’s astonishing surroundings and breathtaking coastline, Eco Beach Resort was established in 1996.

Winning numerous awards and proving that
eco-friendly yet commercially successful tourism could be the perfect complement to each other, this iconic resort paved the way for similar
eco-sensitive resorts, both in Australia and throughout the world. Determined to adhere to a strict environmental code of conduct that promoted a culturally sustainable and eco-friendly experience.

Eco Beach has been propelling the eco-friendly tourism movement since its creation with a strong focus on relaxation, health, well-being, and environmental preservation.

The Impact of Cyclone Rosita

In 2000, Cyclone Rosita bore down its wrath on Broome Western Australia, leaving a wake of destruction in its path, including Eco Beach Resort. Although the resort was reduced to a pile of rubble, owner Karl Plunkett’s determination was unphased.

Rather than simply restoring Eco Beach Resort to its original beauty, Karl and his partner Natalie Kimpton were determined to completely redesign the resort and rebuild it better than ever. With a commitment to building structures that could withstand extreme weather conditions and a focus on eco-design and sustainability, Eco Beach
was reborn.

How We Rebuilt Eco Beach Resort

In 2009, Eco Beach Resort was completely renovated and rebuilt as a thriving sustainable tourism retreat, complete with luxurious, structurally engineered eco tents and villas and even more environmentally sensitive practices than before.

Our resort continues to set the standard of
eco-friendly luxury with its innovative designs and environmentally friendly approach, helping to revolutionise the sustainable tourism industry. Guests at Eco Beach find themselves completely immersed in the wild wilderness of the Kimberley region, while still maintaining the luxury and comfort of modern accommodations.

The Core Values

A sincere respect for nature and our area’s local history stands at the forefront of every choice we make. From the original resort plans to canvas tent construction to daily operations, we follow a strict code of standards that uphold our dedication to protecting Broome’s beauty and preserving the rich ancestral history of the Yawuru people.

When you stay at our eco-friendly resort, you’ll immediately notice the great care that has been taken to allow guests to engage directly with the stunning surroundings and connect with nature while creating minimal impact on the environment.

Our resort gives our guest an easygoing, relaxed and completely peaceful experience. Never rushed. Never hurried.

Eco Tourism Australia

We take great pride as an Eco Tourism Accredited Resort. At Eco Beach, we provide a diverse range of accommodations and activities, all of which are designed with a focus on sustainability. Our commitment to a responsible and eco-conscious approach is evident in every aspect of our operations.  We remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards of eco-tourism and are delighted to offer our guests a responsible choice in hospitality.

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