My name is Tiki Plunkett

With a family background in hospitality, Tiki’s calling has always been the resort life. Her passion for hospitality and tourism is what drives her to meet all the customer’s needs. Being immersed in hospitality from a young age cultivated a deep understanding of what guests truly seek when they choose a destination for relaxation and adventure.

Tiki’s tenure in the glamping sector stands testament to her innovative approach, blending the raw beauty of nature with luxurious comfort. Her enduring passion lies in building a sustainable future for the hospitality industry. With a vision of preserving the charm of pristine locations like Broome, she’s committed to ensuring that many generations to come will have the chance to marvel at the beauty and enjoy the impeccable services of resorts like Eco Beach.

Away from her desk, Tiki has a love for the ocean and the great outdoors, finding solace and inspiration in their boundless expanse. Her love for nature doesn’t just stop at admiration; it drives her professional choices, making her a valuable member of the Eco Beach Resort team.

Tiki Plunkett