Karl Plunkett

My name is Karl Plunkett

Karl Plunkett, an experiential entrepreneur developed Eco Beach Resort back in 1999 with a goal to offer new experiences to travelers, a chance to reconnect with nature and embrace the world that lives around them. He developed Eco Beach Resort after multiple successful hotels in the heart of Broome, however, this one was different, a unique offering.

Karl built one of the first Eco Resorts of its time, with a focus on nature and preserving the world for future generations, his efforts allowed Eco Beach to be inducted into the Tourism Hall of Fame. In 2000, the resort was destroyed by cyclone Rosita, however, he decided to rebuild the resort with a new design. He designed and commenced working on the prototype eco tents, eco modules, and gazebos that have now become the core buildings at Eco Beach and offered the new world an off-grid experience. The resort also won a number of awards.

Our own multi-award winning resort: Eco Beach, Broome.

  • British Airway’s Tourism for Tomorrow Regional Winner
  • Inducted into the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame (2013)
  • Gold Medal Winners (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012)

WA Tourism Awards in the categories of:

  • Unique Accommodation Development
  • Ecotourism
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Indigenous Tourism
  • New Tourism Development

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