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Beach weddings are a magical experience, and when you’re celebrating at a beautiful location here at Eco Beach Resort, the gentle sound of waves, the pindan cliffs, and our untouched beach create a perfect backdrop for your special day. When it comes to planning your beach wedding, selecting the right beach wedding dress is just as important as choosing the venue. The sand, the wind, and the sun play a role when choosing your wedding dress, so we created the perfect guide to walk you through the essential things you need to know about beach wedding dresses, helping you make the ideal and stylish choice for your special day!

Beach wedding dresses are designed to capture the effortless beauty of the coastal surroundings. The creation of these dresses involves a careful balance of factors. It’s crucial to ensure the bride’s elegance while also considering the practicality of a dress suitable for a sandy setting. 

Beach Wedding DressesChoosing the Fabric

When it comes to beach wedding dresses, the choice of fabric is the most important. Beach weddings often come with unique weather conditions; choosing the ideal material is essential to stay comfortable and chic. In Broome’s warm and humid climate, lightweight and breathable fabrics are your best friends! Here are some fabric options you can consider:

Tulle:  Its lightweight and airy nature makes it ideal for keeping cool in the heat. Tulle is a fantastic choice for beach wedding dresses as it moves gracefully with the ocean breeze, adding a touch of romance to your seaside ceremony.

Chiffon: Chiffon is another top pick for weddings. It’s soft, flowy, and breathable, perfect for staying comfortable on the sandy shores. Chiffon gowns are known for their elegant draping and movement, making them popular for beach brides.

Lace: Lace wedding dresses give timeless beauty and are well-suited for beach weddings. Opt for dresses with delicate lace overlays or accents, adding a touch of classic sophistication to your beauty look. Lace is not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear in warmer weather. 


Popular Wedding Dress Styles

One of the best things about having a beach wedding is the freedom to choose a style that suits your personality and the vibe you want to create, whether simple and minimalist, laid-back and casual, or more formal. Taking all this into consideration, here are some of the most popular beach wedding dress styles:

Bohemian Style: Compared to many formal weddings in traditional venues, a beach wedding usually involves a relaxed and bohemian wedding style. When choosing your beach wedding dress, having a more bohemian style dress designed with loose-flowing fabrics is a great option to ensure you feel comfortable while offering the practical element of lighter fabrics for the terrain.

Short and Chic: Short dresses have gained popularity in recent years compared to formal full-length gowns. They allow you to move freely and keep your dress off the sandy ground. Short wedding dresses are perfect for the beach, adding a touch of uniqueness and fun to your bridal look.

Minimalistic Silhouettes: Simple dresses with clean shapes are another great option when you pick your wedding dress. This style of dress is perfect for a beach wedding as it offers you a lightweight dress. The elegance of a simple dress focuses on your natural beauty rather than being drowned with the heavy material that traditional beaded wedding dresses offer.


Additional Tips for Your Beach Wedding

  1. Beach-Ready Footwear

    When it comes to beach weddings, footwear is a game-changer. Choose comfy, beach-friendly footwear like dressy flip-flops or sandals, or go barefoot if you want a more laid-back vibe. Walking on the sand will be a breeze, and you’ll feel more connected to nature as you walk down the aisle.

  1. Sun-kissed hair and Makeup

    The sun’s gentle kisses on your skin, and a hairstyle and makeup that stay flawless throughout the day. Opt for natural, beachy hairstyles and makeup that can withstand the elements. Consider long-lasting makeup products and hairstyles that capture the essence of beachy beauty. You’ll feel like a sun-kissed goddess as you say your vows. Jodie Douglas is a local makeup artist who will transform you for your wedding day, visit her website to enquire!

  1. Sun Protection

    The sun is a beach wedding’s best friend, but protecting yourself and your bridal party from its rays is essential. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen with high SPF levels and lightweight cover-ups. It will keep you protected without compromising your style. Sun protection ensures that your radiant beauty lasts from the ceremony to the sunset photoshoot.

  1. Beachy Decor

    Enhance the natural beauty of the beach with charming decor elements. Think seashells, driftwood, tropical flowers, and more. Incorporate these beachy details into your wedding decor to create a true seaside-inspired wonderland. It’s the perfect way to make your wedding feel like it’s part of the coastal landscape. For more wedding decor and tips, check out the guides by M Event Hire.

  1. Timing Matters

    Timing is everything when it comes to a beach wedding. Plan your ceremony during the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon, to beat the scorching midday sun. You’ll avoid the heat while creating a magical ambience with sunrise or sunset’s soft, golden light. Your photos will thank you for it!


Choosing the perfect beach wedding dress for your Eco Beach Resort celebration is an exciting part of the planning process – remember, the key is to be comfortable, lightweight, and perfectly aligned with the stunning beachfront backdrop. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect wedding.

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