6 Secrets That Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Kimberley Adventure

Bell Gorge Waterfalls, Kimberley

Have you been dreaming of a trip to Kimberley Western Australia?

With the Indian Ocean, gorges, abundant wildlife, waterfalls, endless beaches, National Parks, and so many things to see and do, travelling to Broome offers you a chance to experience a getaway like no other.

Here, we’ll share our top secrets that will help you get the most out of your Kimberley holidays and adventures.

Whether you are travelling on a solo adventure or as a couple, family, or part of a corporate retreat, we’ll give you insider tips and insight that will help you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip that will have you counting down to when you can come back again.

6 Places to Visit on your Kimberley Holidays

1. Plan Your Trip in Advance

With so many activities and places to see, it is important to research ahead of time so you know what you want to check out on your trip to Kimberley Western Australia.

Planning Kimberley holidays ensures you get the most out of your trip so you don’t miss any of the fantastic things to do in Broome.

The weather and conditions in Kimberley Western Australia do not mess around. If you plan to simply show up and enjoy your holiday, you may be in for some unwanted surprises.

During your research of what to do in Broome, it’s also important to find out when to do it. For instance, if swimming spots or water holes are high on your must-do list, avoid scheduling your tip far into the dry season. At this point, swimming holes may have dried up.

Another risk of planning Kimberley holidays at the wrong time is dealing with road closures during the wet season.

If you are trying to decide on the best time to visit Broome, aim to arrive during the dry season and away from the school holidays. This timing will give you your best chance at less crowded conditions and ideal weather

With so many exciting things to explore and things to do in Broome, it can feel overwhelming to start planning your trip. But the time spent researching and getting an idea of your must-do things in Broome will be well worth it once you are on your trip.

We pack our blog with helpful insider insight on Broome to help make the planning process less stressful.

Here are some helpful guides we’ve put together to narrow down the best things to do in Broome and when to visit Broome to help you get started on planning your trip:

If you have questions about specific activities or tourist sights in Broome or Kimberley Western Australia, our friendly team is happy to help you plan an itinerary or suggest must-see places. We can also help advise you regarding the best time to visit Broome based on your holiday plans.

We provide more than just luxury eco accommodation in Kimberley. Our experienced, friendly staff is here to go above and beyond in helping you plan the trip of a lifetime.

2. Use Technology to Your Advantage

If you’re planning your Broome visit, the Explore Broome app is a must-have tool. This interactive app is the perfect way to learn more about Broome’s history, discover popular attractions, and obtain additional information on area resources.

Other helpful apps and resources you may want to check out for Kimberley holidays include:

3. Base Out of Eco Beach Resort

The word ‘exhaustion’ typically has a negative connotation attached to it. But spending time in nature in Kimberley Western Australia offers a different exhaustion. The good kind! The kind of exhaustion you feel after spending an entire day breathing fresh air, feeling the warm sun on your skin, immersing yourself in nature, and exploring new things.

Eco Beach Resort is your perfect base to return to after a full day of exploring. When you’re exhausted in the best kind of way, booking a stay at our eco Kimberley hotel offers a chance to relax and recharge for your next day.

Sore muscles after a serious hike? We offer complimentary yoga classes to loosen up your muscles and joints and get in a good stretch. Or, you can book a relaxing spa session to top off a long fun day of exploring.

Our luxury glamping tents, Eco Villas, and Beach houses offer a variety of amenities to choose from and the ability to customise your accommodation in Kimberley to your needs.

Whether you are travelling as a family, on a corporate getaway, or a romantic holiday, we offer a variety of rooms to fit your needs.

Our luxury glamping tents feature various amenities to choose from, including King size beds, with the option to be arranged to twin on request, private ensuites and balconies, sunset views, oceanfront accommodations, family eco tents, or Beach houses to accommodate larger groups.

Whichever accommodation you choose, you’re just steps away from having the sand under your feet, the stars above you, and the wilderness at your doorstep.

4. Day Trip From Your Accommodation

When you stay at our eco Kimberley hotel, the convenient location puts you within easy distance of a range of exciting day trip possibilities.

There are numerous options for day-tripping right from Eco Beach Resort. We highly recommend the drive south out of Broome to check out Horizontal Falls for the day.

Or, travel to Gantheaume Point at low tide to check out “The Dinosaur Coast”, an area with fossilised dinosaur footprints preserved in the reef rock. The Dinosaur Coast makes for a one-of-a-kind adventure, especially for families or dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.

You’ll also want to take the easy trip from Eco Beach Resort to check out The Broome Bird Observatory. Located right on the shores of Roebuck Bay, this observatory allows visitors to view migratory shorebirds and explore the mangroves and mudflats.

Don’t want to go far? With Eco Beach Resort, there is no need.

We bring adventure, exploration, and relaxation right to you. If you want to stay put while still experiencing the beauty of the Kimberley region, we offer various ways to experience the area right here at the resort or nearby.

We offer convenient options that let you enjoy the surrounding beauty and places to explore with minimal planning or travel.

If you aren’t quite up for a full day trip or need a more low-key day, we’ve got you covered with various activities offered right here through our resort, including:

  • A guided sunset stroll through the sandy bushland leads you to the pristine beach and panoramic views of the Kimberley Coast. Walk along the vibrant cliffs and relax with a prepared platter of bubbles and cheese to nibble on while you view the sunset.

The dazzling display of brilliant reds, oranges, purples, and pinks stretches across the sky and creates a vibrant reflection of the water below. The magic of a Broome sunset, much like the Staircase to the Moon, is one of those things you have to see in person to fully appreciate.

  • Join one of our expert fishing guides for a session of beach and creek fishing where you’ll aim to catch Mangrove Jack, Queenies, Trevally, Mackerel, and other fish species.
  • Have one of our friendly guides transport you to Jack’s Creek for fishing and exploring.
  • Enjoy a spa session, courtesy of nature, with our Mud and Bubbles excursion. First, take advantage of the natural exfoliating properties of the sugary sand of our beaches. Then soothe your skin with the therapeutic, purifying properties of mangrove mud straight from Jack’s Creek. As you let the mud work its detoxifying magic, sip a glass of Australian ‘bubbles’ before you rinse clean in the soothing water of the Indian Ocean.
  • Our on-site kayaks and paddleboards are a relaxing yet adventurous way to explore the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Soak in breathtaking views of the sharp contrast of the vibrant red cliffs against the bright white sand of the beaches.
  • Grab a map from our reception area and go on a self-guided bush walk. The 5km walk will get you up close and personal with all of the Kimberley’s local flora and fauna. You can also ask our staff about guided tours.
  • Take an exciting cave walk by meandering 3 km along a secluded stretch of beach.
  • Enjoy a complimentary yoga session to start your day or book a private session.
  • Pamper yourself with an indulgent treatment in the Eco Beach Day Spa

Along with our other resort activities, we have a traditional playground for kiddos to enjoy. But we believe Mother Nature is the real playground. And Eco Beach’s natural playground is one of the best in the world, for kids and adults alike.

With the Indian Ocean, sugar sand beaches, rock pools, copious wildlife to observe, fishing, rock hunting, whale watching, paddle boarding, and caves to explore, this is an amazing chance to enrich your child’s imagination, expose them to the wonders of nature, and cultivate a love for the natural world and exploring

While the weather in the dry season can typically be counted on to be pleasant, we are stocked up on board games if you do end up indoors at some point.

5. Experience the National Parks for Less

A national park pass is required for entry into places such as Windjana Gorge National Park and Purnululu National Park. Certain national parks such as Mitchell Falls do not require fees or a pass for entry, but you’ll want to do some research in advance. You can research pricing on national park passes that cover five days, two weeks, a month, or annual entry.

If your goal on your Kimberley holiday is to visit as many National Parks as possible, you may want to consider an All Parks pass. This annual pass costs $120 and may end up saving you money depending on how many parks you plan to visit during your trip.

Windjana Gorge National Park Cliff

6. Make Sure You Have an Emergency Essentials Kit!

With its expansive stretches of untouched wilderness, Kimberley Western Australia is one of the most stunning locations on earth. However, it is also one of the most unforgiving environments on the planet. The sun is harsh and the temperatures are hot, making it important to plan to stay safe and comfortable on your Kimberley holidays.

Whether you are going on a day trip, hiking trip, guided fishing trip, cruise, or other adventure, there are some important items to carry in your emergency essentials kit.

While 4×4 trips require a more detailed emergency kit, here are some essentials for your Kimberley holidays:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A dry bag
  • A lightweight long-sleeve shirt in case you need additional sun protection
  • A shirt or pants with zippered pockets
  • Plenty of water
  • A first-aid kit
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Map or compass
  • Waterproof matches
  • Non-perishable food items (granola bars, beef jerky, etc.)
  • A sun hat

When planning a day trip in Kimberley Western Australia, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Research ahead of time, check the weather forecast, check road conditions, and ask the local visitor centre for the latest information
  • Wear non-slip, comfortable footwear and take steps to protect yourself from the sun and elements
  • Bring enough food and water for your trip
  • Stay on marked trails, adhere to posted signs, and respect the surroundings
  • Always place rubbish in provided bins or take it with you when you leave
  • Let someone know what your plans are and when you plan to be back

Need Help Planning Your Trip to Kimberley Western Australia?

Our eco Kimberley hotel serves as the perfect base for your holiday, putting you right in the middle of countless ways to relax or explore in and around Broome.

Whether you want your days filled with relaxation or are seeking adrenaline-inducing adventures — or a mix of both — we want to help you experience the Broome trip you’ve been dreaming of.

Leave behind the hectic pace of everyday life and trade it in for Broome time, our area’s relaxed, chill pace where you simply go with the flow.

Our eco Kimberley hotel is your chance to disconnect from screens and stress and reconnect with the beauty and power of nature.

At Eco Beach Resort, our goal is to offer you luxury yet eco-friendly accommodation in Kimberley so you can enjoy the environment while also helping to protect it.

If you want to book your stay with us, have questions, or want help planning your trip, please do not hesitate to contact us. Feel free to call our reservations team during standard business hours on +61 8 9193 8015 or email us at Reservations@ecobeach.com with any questions.

Our caring team is here to guide you through the planning process, help you book the ideal room for your stay, and ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.

Galiya! (Goodbye and see you soon!)

Karl Plunkett

Owner of Eco Beach Resort
In 1999, Karl Plunkett, an enterprising innovator, envisioned and brought to life Eco Beach Resort. His aim was to provide travellers with novel experiences, an opportunity to rediscover their connection with nature, and wholeheartedly embrace the vibrant world surrounding them. While Karl had already achieved success with several sustainable glamping hotspots, Eco Beach Resort stood out as a distinctive and unparalleled offering.

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