10 Iconic Landmarks and Locations in Broome

Horizontal Falls Kimberley

World-class beaches. Untouched wilderness. Unique geologic formations. Breathtaking landscapes.

How do you possibly decide what to do in Broome when there are so many can’t-miss locations, hikes, scenic cruises, and historical sites to explore? We’ve got you covered!

Our list of iconic landmarks and locations to check out while you’re in Broome will help you narrow down your trip planning and ensure you make the most of your holiday.

The Best Broome Locations To Visit

  1. Horizontal Falls Scenic Flight and Day Cruise

    Ready for an adrenaline-filled adventure? Make sure to schedule a tour of Horizontal Falls to marvel at the sheer power of nature.

    Known as the “Horries” by local Indigenous people, Horizontal Falls is a natural phenomenon that forces a massive volume of rushing water through a narrow gorge passage.

    We normally recommend the Go Horizontal Falls Tours but they are not accepting bookings at this time. For alternative scenic Horizontal Falls flights and tours, Broome’s Visitor Centre has a variety of excellent recommendations listed here.

  2. Catalina Flying Boat Wrecks

    If you are a history buff, make sure to include the flying boat wrecks in your trip itinerary. Visitors can walk from Town Beach and head about an hour across the mudflats at very low tide to see exposed wrecks of Catalina and Dornier flying boats from WWII.

    Broome’s visitor centre has a great informational page on the Flying boat wrecks, including frequently asked questions, what to expect, tour info, and tide information.

    Note: Appropriate preparation is key for a safe, enjoyable trip. Wear appropriate shoes with good grip, a sun hat, and pay close attention to the weather forecast and tide info. Always make sure to leave ample time to walk back while the tide is still low.

  3. Gantheaume Point broome

  4. Gantheaume Point

    We’ve mentioned Gantheaume Point before in our post on 20 Reasons You Should Visit Broome, but it is worth highlighting again.

    With vibrant red cliffs contrasted against the turquoise waters, Gantheaume Point is one of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet.

    Kids and adults alike enjoy scrambling over all the interesting rock formations. At high tide, you may even spot adventurous locals launching off the rocks into the picturesque waters below.

    Gantheaume Point is also known worldwide as the famed “Dinosaur Coast” due to the fossilised dinosaur footprints revealed at low tide.

    If you want the best chance of finding dinosaur footprints, we recommend booking a tour. While it is possible to find dinosaur footprints at low tide on your own, visitors may find it hard to know exactly what to look for and how to time the tides.

    As always, check local maps, weather forecasts, tide timings, and tourist information to ensure safety as you go exploring.

  5. Buddha Sanctuary

    Looking for a little extra serenity on your trip? Check out the Buddha Sanctuary, Broome’s main yoga hub that offers a variety of yoga offerings.

    Built in 2003, the ornamental garden offers a tranquil setting to relax and take some deep breaths, practice yoga, or spend some time reflecting.

  6. Roebuck Bay Lookout

    The Roebuck Bay Lookout offers a fantastic vantage point for taking in panoramic views of Dampier Creek and Roebuck Bay. Look out across the seemingly endless stretches of turquoise waters and be sure to bring your camera to capture the scenery.

    With interpretive information and artwork designed by Yawurur Traditional Owners, this collaborative effort celebrates Broome’s rich Aboriginal history.

  7. Broome Bird Observatory

    If you’re a bird enthusiast or looking for the best things to do in Broome for families, add the Broome Bird Observatory to your list!

    Here on the shores of Roebuck Bay, the tidal mudflats serve as an important stop for thousands of migratory shorebirds. You may even be lucky enough to see the Eastern Yellow Wagtail which is rare to see anywhere but here in Broome!

    Meander the easy, flat walking trails as you soak in the sights and watch for species such as:

    • White Breasted Whistlers
    • Yellow Chats
    • Broad-billed Sandpipers
    • Red-headed Honeyeaters
  8. Sun Pictures

    Sun Pictures is the world’s oldest operating outdoor picture theatre and a staple in Broome history.

    As a true Broome icon, Sun Pictures is rich in history and beloved among locals and tourists alike. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy a movie under the stars.

  9. Japanese Cemetery

    Learn about Broome’s rich history at The Japanese Cemetery. This well-maintained site pays respect to the hundreds of Japanese Pearl Divers who perished in Broome’s pearling industry.

    We recommend reading up a bit on the Japanese pearling history in Broome beforehand as the vast majority of information and almost all the graves are written in Japanese.

    The cemetery is meticulously cared for but there are only a few trees, so it is quite exposed. We recommend visiting early in the morning before the sun is at full strength or bringing a hat or umbrella for some shade.

    You can also visit the Chinese cemetery nearby.

  10. Town Beach Jetty

    Broome’s Town Beach Jetty opened late in 2022 and provides the perfect way to soak in the views of Roebuck Bay throughout the year. Watch the wild fluctuations in the tide, spot marine life, view the Staircase to the Moon, or toss your fishing line and hope for some luck!

    The Jetty extends out 112 metres, letting you surround yourself with the pure aqua-blue waters below and the idyllic sky above.

    Town Beach also has a great play space for kids, a water park, a historic cemetery, a war memorial in honour of the Catalina Wrecks, and stretches of white sandy beach to stroll.

  11. Purnululu National Park

  12. Purnululu National Park

    If you’re visiting during Broome’s dry season from May to October (which is the best time to visit Broome in our opinion), then Purnululu National Park is a must-see sight.

    Hike around and explore breathtaking sights throughout Purnululu National Park, including the Cathedral Gorge where you can wade in the shallow water surrounded by the massive natural amphitheatre.

    Or check out the notorious Bungle Bungle Range where you can wander through towering orange and black striped domes. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re on another planet when you’re hiking amongst these otherworldly rock formations!

    If you want to learn more about where to hike in Broome, check out our post on The Best Hiking Trails in Broome and The Kimberley.

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We hope our list of the best landmarks and locations in Broome helps make your holiday planning easier.

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